Monday, April 22, 2013

Final Report on PLN

Final Report on My PLN

Since my last update, my Personal Learning Network has grown incredibly. My Twitter account is constantly growing as I am following inspirational people and educators who will be beneficial to me as I begin my career as an educator. I have also created an account with Edmodo which is a social network similar to Facebook. Now, I can use Edmodo to connect with teachers, and ask any questions that I may have. However when I become a teacher, I can use Edmodo to collaborate with students and parents as well as teachers. I could post assignments for my students, and they could use this site to collaborate with their fellow classmates and check on assignments they may have missed.

I have decided that Symbaloo is definitely the perfect way for me to organize my Personal Learning Network. I am constantly adding new tiles that I believe will be beneficial to me as I enter the field of education. As I stated in my first progress report, my Symbaloo account has tiles that allow access to Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, USA Online, the EDM310 Class Blog, and my class blog. Now, I have added a tile for Edmodo and Skype. I also added a tile called "Create a Graph" which I believe would be beneficial to my students to help them learn how to graph. I also added a tile that allows access to MathGameTime. This site would be beneficial for students in Algebra. It provides access to different games and worksheets that deal with concepts anywhere from linear equations to order of operations. I also found a few great websites that would be great resources to use in my classroom. These websites include Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games and MathPlay which provide access to interactive math games. While this is my final progress report on my Personal Learning Network, my PLN will not stop growing. I will continue to add to the resources I have found and will constantly be looking for new ideas to use in my classroom. So far, this is what my Symbaloo account looks like, but I know it will definitely continue to grow.

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  1. Hi Ashley! It sounds like we both took similar approaches to our PLN's. I have found that it is very helpful having fast, easy access to a number of sites and networks that I can use everyday as an educator. I also created an Edmodo profile, and I can't wait to be able to use it to benefit my classroom and better expose my students to the world of technology. I like that you added sites to your PLN that would be help teach students math while collaborating with the concept of online and interactive learning. As far as I could tell, your post did not have any grammatical errors, and you seem to be on the path to being an excellent teacher. Keep up the good work!