Monday, April 22, 2013


Summary of Blog Post #1

The teacher I commented on this week was Jenny She. Ms. She's blog was titled iPads in My Classroom! In her blog post, she documented her experience with incorporating iPads into her classroom. She stated that her class was one of the classes chosen to experiment with the use of iPads in the classroom. Ms. She was excited to begin the process even though she knew she had to find meaningful activities for her students to use on the iPad. She then said that she has apps that are focused around math and literacy. She also has games that are used to reward students. Her students know what activity they need to complete on the iPad by looking at the task boards posted on Ms. She's wall. She ends her post by stating that she is well aware that she has only been experimenting with iPads and knows that the iPad is capable of doing much more.

Summary of My Comment #1

I am Ashley Showles, and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Through EDM 310, I am learning about many different kinds of technology that can be incorporated into the classroom. So, it was really nice to read your blog post and see how you actually use this technology in your classroom. I think using iPads in the classroom is a great idea because it provides immediate feedback to the student. I think iPads are a great tool, and they should be incorporated in more classrooms. Thanks for sharing your experience with incorporating iPads in your classroom!

Summary of Blog Post #2

This week I also commented on Jenny She's blog. However, she did not have a new blog post since the last time I viewed her blog, so I chose an older blog post titled Would Google Plus be Useful in the Classroom? In this blog post, Ms. She discussed her experience with Google Plus. She said that one night she overheard a family member having a "hang out" with a group of friends, and they were discussing their assignments for school. Ms. She thought it was awesome that all eight of those friends could meet and discuss assignments through the use of Google Plus without ever leaving their room. The students no longer needed to meet face to face to work on assignments. Ms. She then said that she thought Google Plus would be a useful teaching tool and that she could use "circles" to group students and "hang outs" as a teaching and learning tool.

Summary of My Comment #2

I think it is incredible at all of the technology you are using in your classroom. Before taking EDM 310, I had never used Google+, but now I know that it is very helpful. It definitely saved those students a lot of travel time and money by using Google+. I definitely agree that this would be a valuable resource to use in the classroom. This would be an easy way to set up tutorial sessions without trying to find a universal place to meet, or your students could use this tool to communicate with each other. Not only will this tool be beneficial to students, but I think it will also be helpful to educators because it will allow them to talk with other professionals all over the world.

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