Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blog Assignment #12

Part 1: Create Assignment

Blog Assignment #12: Create an iMovie trailer depicting a famous mathematician.
Research a famous mathematician and his contributions to math. Include the following information:
-Date of Birth
-Date of Death
-Where is the mathematician from?
-What is he/she most famous for (their contribution to mathematics)?
-Explain the contribution.
-Be sure to credit your sources for both your information and the images used.

Part 2: Do the Assignment

I will be teaching math at the high school level. I think it is important for students to know why they have certain formulas and theorems instead of simply memorizing a formula. By completing this assignment, students would be using technology as well as learning the history behind some very important theorems. By explaining the theorem, formula, or other contribution, it will hopefully help the student better understand the concept.


  1. Great idea but your video does not play correctly. Check it.

  2. I just watched my video from my blog, and it played correctly for me. What was it doing when you tried to watch it?

  3. Hi Ashley! I think you make a very important point in this post. Although I'm not a math major (I'm actually TERRIBLE at math), I do understand that it's important for students not to just learn formulas. Too many people today want a quick, easy answer that doesn't require them to have to understand. If they have a better understanding of the reasons behind the formulas and don't just memorize the formulas, problems in the future will be so much easier for them to solve. I could not get your video to load and play, but your post itself was great. I think you'll be an excellent teacher one day!